What Is A Human Billboard?

A human billboard basically refers to a person hired to carry around (or sometimes wear) the advertising material of a business. 

Think of a regular billboard but following people around…without the creep tendencies.

Why is this a thing at all? It delivers results.


That’s why we created this resource.

We hope that you’ll find this useful enough to try it out in your own business.

Reason 1 – Visibility

The biggest PLUS with human billboards is that you can’t miss them!

Human traffic can get crazy but we always notice the extra attractive lady and the guy with the punk-lime green hair.

Picture a person dressed in tights with an awkwardly shaped billboard around their body. You could never miss that.

Human billboards can be strategically placed in areas where you know your target audience hangs out.

Chances are they use the route routinely so you’ll attract the attention of many of them.

This easily contributes to consumer recall, which is what you’re aiming for.

Reason 2 – Engages Your Customers On A Personal Level

Unlike static billboards, human billboards move within crowds and interact with potential customers.

We’re talking a literal ‘Hi!”, then casually detailing the awesomeness of your product, how it works and where they can make a purchase.

Your human billboard can gather valuable information such as how your target audience is responding to your product and which added features can make it better.

And if you’ve sprinkled a bit of creative genius, your human billboard can gracefully bring it to life!

Reason 3 – Collection Of Useful Customer Feedback

As hinted above, human billboards are a great source to collect feedback on your product or service.

Humans prefer to speak to humans and that natural connection makes room for useful client contribution.

This helps you correct aspects of your product or service that the client might not connect to or feel a bit more personal about.

If possible, use this opportunity to collect customer information such as email addresses for your emailing list.

We can guarantee you that the open rate for emails will be higher since they can put a face (or name) to the name of the business.

Is this a good model for your business?

Human billboards generally work for businesses of all types. Simply make sure that you get your billboard gear from a reputable company. This way you’ll get great quality gear that is comfortable, and allows your team to advertise comfortably and hopefully for longer 🙂

Does it work for all business sizes?

Yes. It’s really more about where you decide to market rather than your company size.

We have noticed at Mr Flyer, however, that large companies strategically take advantage of conventions and events to bring out their human billboards.

Smaller companies usually like to place theirs along the highway, malls and other high traffic spaces for brand awareness.

If these advantages have appealed to you but you have specific questions, don’t hold back.  Contact us at Mr Flyer today to get started on human billboard designs that are so creative they convert.

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