Your First Steps Towards Success…

Still looking for that one marketing move that puts your business on the map?

Yes, now we’ve learned that customers love a business with personality. 

You’ve set up a great social media strategy but there’s still an element missing…

Email marketing might seem like old news but this blast from the past has quickly challenged how businesses interact with customers. 

How? You ask…

Engaging your clients and making sure they keep up with your business is critical for success. 

Your email campaign should not only engage your clients but promote your branding too. 

We understand the busy life of a business owner and how you can’t be bothered to monitor your email marketing. 

Or perhaps you’re considering getting started with email campaigns to better your engagement? 

We’ve got some ideas to take you to the next level.

1. Brand Promotion


This is the main goal of any email campaign. What message do you want to show about your business? How can you include your customers in your brand?

Emotions play a HUGE role here and good marketing, in general, is meant to target the feelings of a buyer. Think about how you can come across as a trustworthy brand and valuable enough to spend money on. 

Customers typically return to brands that offer good products and even better service. Make the effort to get to know your clients. 

Content to reach out to them about can include special discounts, announcements or any other engaging content that can appeal to them. Remember to maintain consistency because this helps in developing confidence with just the right amounts of loyalty. 

2. Make Your Messages Personal

People like to feel special and singled out. 

Generic messages automatically become the enemy in email marketing. 

Avoid rolling out messages that speak to the masses. Seemingly have a conversation instead. 

Take advantage of the impressionable opportunities that email marketing hands to you and speak directly to your clients. Personalized messages will get you the attention you’re looking for. 

You’ll know that you’re winning when your open rate is higher. This also means more engagement and money in your pocket! 

3. Identify Your Target Audience

Email marketing isn’t a one size fits all solution. It’ll be much more effective when your audience is specifically suited for your services and products. 

That way it’ll be easier to speak directly to this audience and address their needs as a customer. 

A good first step here would be to segment your emailing list. 

This can be achieved by putting into context things like buying history, their previous email responses and demographics, amongst other factors. This valuable information will help you focus your marketing efforts (and funds) on reaching your actual target audience at whatever time. 

Creating messages that are both relevant and sent at the correct time ensures that customers interact with your business, leading to conversions. 

4. Be Polite

Have you ever come across a commercial that immediately annoyed you? Chances are that it veered you away from whatever product was being advertised. This can easily happen to your email marketing campaign if it’s too pushy. 

A language that is relaxed works but make sure it’s controlled. Respect and politeness are extremely vital for digestible emails. It assures your audience that they can bring their business to you without the worry of bad conflict management when things don’t work out well.

Your emails should begin with a personal greeting, then end with a hearty ‘thank you” or another show of appreciation that they may like. 

5. Consistent Voice

If you decide to take on the professional voice or a much more casual one make sure that your audience recognizes it everywhere else. 

The more that clients become familiar with your tone and brand style, they’ll expect to continue seeing it over time. 

A good pro-tip is to aim for a balance between friendliness, healthy humour and professionalism. This is important for your brand because it comes off as authoritative but still approachable. 

6. Master Subject-Line Marketing

The subject line is where the ‘email bait’ is usually placed for an instant hit on open rate. 

The subject lines often serve as a perfect first impression to your business emails and sometimes the last impression too. 

So even if we frequently write subject lines after much second thought, in some ways they’re truly more vital than the body copy of your email. After all, the best email is useless if no one ever opens it, right?

As you write your promoting emails, don’t leave the topic lines to luck. The best subject lines are short, descriptive, and gives the recipient a reason to give the rest of your email a chance. 

And Now Back To You…

Now that you know your way around email marketing, it’s time to start your first email campaign. Keep your audience in mind and what language or technique would work best for them. 

The goal of every email is to capture the attention of your subscriber so that they take an action. 

If all of this sounds too complicated, contact us today to get started on your email marketing journey. 

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