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Mr Flyer Services Harare, Zimbabwe

Delivering Since 2012

Our company has delivered flyers, magazines, door hangers and various other advertising materials for the past 12 years. Serving Harare, we have distributed marketing materials successfully for restaurants, supermarkets, churches, dental offices, internet cafes, crèches, real estate offices, as well as other industries in the city. Let us help you grow today!

Street Drop is Affordable And Effective!

Our company has area supervisors that are really dependable. Not only that, their team is always ready and willing to distribute every piece that you pay for. We believe that your marketing materials must, without fail, go where they must i.e. in the hands of your customers-to-be. If you didn’t already know, flyer distribution is one of the most effective ways to get your brand or business in the homes of your customers in Zimbabwe. Excitingly, it’s also one of the cheapest ways to advertise.

With flyers, your message will stand out and ultimately, becomes the first thing that your customers see. It’s actually cheaper to have us distribute your pieces straight to your customers than to mail them. This makes out flyer distribution service cost effective, as well as more likely to give you a better Return on Investment.

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At Mr Flyer, we understand that there is actually more to leaflets than just a colourful design and quick distribution.


We will need to hear the aim of your business first so that we are clear on who your target audience is.

Design & Print

We understand your goals, and we will make sure that we help you to bring your vision to life. Mr Flyer Zimbabwe will provide you a comprehensive design service.

Multimedia Campaigns

All campaigns are about the audience. For that reason, we make sure that we deliver your message to your potential audience in their homes, as well as online.

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We have a team of distributors that is enthusiastic, fast, effective and polite. Because of this, all your printed materials will be delivered very quickly to your customers’ homes, cars, restaurants and any other appropriate places.
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