Hand-to-Hand Distribution

Hand-to-Hand Distribution

Hand to hand distribution is a very effective way of advertising and marketing your products or services. It involves distributing promotional printed media directly into the hands of individuals. The distribution is usually done within a predefined geographical area.

As we have already mentioned above, hand to hand distribution is a quite rewarding method of leaflet distribution, especially if done at events. Your flyers, brochures, and leaflets are delivered directly into the hands of your prospective customers. Distribution done this way has the ability to make bespoke requests to these would-be customers.

As already mentioned, this type of distribution approach is probably the most effective. Generally, events and designated public areas that are within a chosen geographic area are the best to distribute marketing and advertising materials.

Mr Flyer has over 7 years’ experience in delivering hand to hand distribution campaigns. Therefore, we understand the process of applying for permission from council if need be. We will allow you to choose the option of wearing promotional garments when conducting hand to hand distribution campaigns. That means you will be allowed to wear caps, t-shirts, placards, or anything that shares information about your business. Contact us today for all you hand to hand distribution requirements.

Key Benefits of Hand-to-Hand Distribution

Below, we have listed a few hand-picked reasons why you should choose our hand to hand distribution services in Zimbabwe:

1.     More Targeted Reach

This method of marketing material distribution means that your product or service is the only one that is placed through a letterbox while at the same time; your campaign is being distributed.

2.     Control Over Who Represents You

We allow you to choose the kind of person that represents you. That means you get to choose how the representatives looks. We allow you to go all out. We only make sure that we offer you solutions that are tailored for you as well as meet your budgetary requirements.

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