Event Promotion Services in Harare

What We Can Do For You and Your Event

Mr Flyer promotes the sale of your tickets to our social media followers as well as our email databases. No matter what business you’re into or what event you are hosting, we will promote any content, such as a white paper, regarding your event.

If you require the service, we can even give you access to observations and opinions of our team members that you can actually use for any content that relates to the topics of your event.

What we offer to promote your tickets or event content

Our event promotion company in Zimbabwe will distribute your message to our social media pages as well as email databases with a call to action.

Mr Flyer operates very budget-friendly CPM rates. Contact us to day to find out our process.

For an extra fee, we will distribute your press release as well as flyers to many journalists through our press release distribution services. We will also put up a banner on our website of your event.

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What You Should Know About Event Promotion in Zimbabwe


We have had many event organisers coming to us and using our services for more ticket sales. All they need is to start with an awareness campaign and we will support your objectives.

Every Day of the Week

Every day of the week, we will send a clear message to all our followers and respective audience. Also, we will send the message whenever you require us to.

Clear, Concise Message

All we will need from you is a clear message as well as a call to action. If you desire, and for an extra fee, we will provide you with a landing page on Mr Flyer website. We want your event to be a success and we want you to make money out of it. For that reason, we will make sure that we promote your event to our fullest potential.