Looking to promote a specific product but on a tight budget?

Flyer distribution offers a cheaper marketing alternative that helps you to spread awareness about your product or service.

With so many marketing options available now, we completely understand if you want to keep things simple.

Or perhaps you’d like to explore other options but aren’t too sure if it’s the best thing right now?

This article will help you select or discard flyer distribution for your current project.

Now For The Pros

Simple And Easy To Read

Flyers are made to quickly inform clients about the service or product you have on offer. After that, they are supposed to prompt an action.

Because it’s straight to the point, you’ll need to throw in those big fonts, as few words as possible, and colours that are eye-catchy but not reckless.

Flyers also have limited space and most people prefer this mode of marketing because it doesn’t require them to read long paragraphs.


The most obvious one. Flyers are cheap to produce. If you can spot a  good printing company, they can offer affordable prices especially when you’re doing prints in bulk.

You’ll better off getting good quality paper for the printing but keep in mind that this affects the price. Finishes too, switch how much you’ll end up paying.

No Hassle In Production

As expressed above, if you’re looking for a hassle-free marketing option, opt for flyers. At best you just need inks, some paper and a kickass design.

A digital printing service can ensure that you get printings done in bulk at the least amount of time possible.

If at any point you decide you want to make a few tweaks it won’t be a problem because of simple production points.

Instant Feedback

Probably one of the most useful advantages of flyer distribution is face to face interaction with consumers. With other forms of marketing, you can only ask for feedback after the product has already been released to your target audience.

The setback with such a model is that your product can easily be rejected the moment you release it.

Flyer distribution lets you get reviews on what you can do better with your product or service before you’ve officially released it.

This is fantastic for customer experience because you can meet their needs on a personal level.

Another advantage that comes with face-to-face interactions is you can teach or give further details on your product. Your product or service is accepted better because the consumer understands the value it brings.

And The Cons…

Easily Ignored

The downside with flyers is that people easily dismiss them or ignore them.

They can even come off as a nuisance to people that don’t like being marketed to directly.

It then becomes increasingly critical to pack up your flyer with catchy slogans, noticeable fonts and a kick-ass design.

Most of all go straight to the point!

The lesser your target audience has to read the better they’ll remember your advertisement and what the product is.


Unfortunately, flyer distribution isn’t the type of marketing you should go for if you’re looking to make a lasting impression.

Unlike TV adverts and radio commercials that can be repetitively aired, a flyer will likely zoom past your target audience once.

And when they do make contact with your flyer, the chances are pretty low that they’ll remember it for very long.

Again, a catchy slogan or striking designs are your best bet at engaging your customers’ attention for longer.

If these advantages have appealed to you more than the disadvantages, contact us today to get started on flyer designs that are so brilliant they convert.

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